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Kershaw may not need to finish every game, but there have been a couple of incidents this year when he deserved to stay in the game, and Wednesday was one of those times. Saving pitchers for the late season is great, however, taking out your workhorse to be replaced by a trotter only annoys the best player in all of baseball. Mr Roberts, don’t poke the Clydesdale. No one knows Kershaw better than he knows himself. Dave Roberts must love to go home after a game to watch himself on TV. I can’t think of another reason for his often perplexing pitcher moves game after game. After leading baseball in pitching changes last year, he’s taking it to new heights in 2017. Is there any other manager that in a one-run game, facing the top of the order of one of the best-hitting teams, would think taking Clayton Kershaw out for Pedro Baez was a good idea? Only a miracle play by Baez kept him from blowing the game. I see Kershaw leaving the Dodgers, Kenley Jansen having arm trouble and free agent starting pitchers not signing since they will only go four innings and not get a win.

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