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Sixteen per cent said that if they were to lose a button they would rather buy a whole new item of clothing than try to fix it. The poll was conducted by the BHF to promote its Big Stitch campaign which is encouraging people to buy second-hand clothes from charity shops and make alterations to personalise them.  The simple art of sewing is in danger of becoming lost for ever Allison Swaine-Hughes, BHF’s retail operations director, said: “We want to bring sewing back to life. It amazes me to see how clothes can be transformed so easily and cheaply. We are really looking forward to seeing what the thousands of style seekers across the UK can create.” But if the Big Stitch is aimed firmly at a younger generation keen to jazz up their wardrobes on the cheap, the survey has also exposed a worrying lack of the kind of practical skills that were considered essential just a few decades ago. According to Dr Susan Kay Williams, chief executive of the Royal School of Needlework, the inability to mend our clothes is an inevitable consequence of the fastpaced society in which we live. "Of course it is a bit sad. I think the reason why so many people have lost the ability to sew is a combination of clothes being much cheaper and that people haven’t got the time to look around for a needle and cotton when something falls off or frays . It’s easier simply to buy something new.” Researchers claim that this cheap, throwaway attitude to clothes means that British people discard around 26 million items that could have been mended every year, spending £3 billion on replacement garments. DR Kay-Williams says: “Of course the ability to mend one’s own clothes is a fundamental skill but in the modern world it is less important than it used to be.  If all you wear are T-shirts with no buttons why would you need to know how to sew on a button?” If a generation is being brought up without the ability to thread a needle, however, it was not so long ago that sewing was not only an economic necessity but actually saved lives.

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but we don't have that kinda clothes in Finland and I don't trust online shops so the clothes I wear are slightly different from my style