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Wisconsin high school junior makes prom dresses for 6 of her friends

Wisconsin high school junior makes prom dresses for 6 of her friends They all agreed and were thrilled with the outcome. “They loved them,” McGlenn said. “They were like, ‘Oh, my gosh Maggie, I can’t believe you did all this.’ When they got to prom everyone was complimenting them. It was a very feel-good moment for them and myself.” Making her six friends’ dresses, along with her own, was no easy feat. It took her about four months to complete them all. “I started over winter break in mid-December and finished the Saturday morning of prom,” she recalled. “That morning I was like, ‘Ok, I have to wake up and take a shower and finish the hem on my dress.’ “Each one of them had their own challenges,” she added. “Mine was the hardest to get started on because I’ve had this dress in my head for years. If it didn’t come out how I wanted it to come out, I was going to going to be disappointed.” The high school junior used fabrics she’d collected over the years from thrift stores. “I try to buy my fabrics as cheaply and environmentally friendly as possible,” McGlenn said.

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Teen Designs Prom Dresses for Herself and Her Friends In today’s #squadgoals news, one high school junior at Madison East High School in Wisconsin gave her friends the best prom present ever when she decided to design, create and gift her six BFFs with the dresses of their dreams. Maggie McGlenn, first inspired by a Christmas gift of fabric from her grandmother, took the ball and ran with it after creating her first dress on a whim. Yahoo! Style interviewed the teen , who explained, “My grandma gave me a few yards of beautiful fabric for Christmas and I just started to make a dress. When I was done with the dress, it looked like a prom dress to me. It wasn’t the prom dress I had in mind for myself, so I thought I could maybe get one of my friends เสื้อครอบครัว พ่อ แม่ ลูก to wear it.” She continues, “I had such a great time making it that I said to myself, ‘I might as well keep going.’” And keep going she did, designing for another five friends and fashioning a custom creation for herself as well. When all was said and done, she had produced seven gorgeous prom dresses just in the nick of time; the finishing touches weren’t all finished until the morning of prom, Yahoo! reports.

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