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The Ambition Decisions: Women are ambitious in more than one way  Quartz at Work

Was it just us, we wondered? Or were there others? We decided we would interview a few of our mutual friends from college—women from our sorority—to find out. Those conversations led to others, and ultimately we decided to interview 43 of our former sorority sisters about the same questions and unease we were facing. We remembered our sorority sisters as the picture of ambition. They prioritized academics over aesthetics, wearing hastily-styled ponytails and baggy sweatshirts, competing for slots on the dean’s list. They were now spread out across the globe, living a wide array of lives, and most importantly, they were women. That was essential because we were sure that this thing that was happening to us, this gnawing uncertainty, this feeling that we were possibly doing it all wrong, had something to do with being female. When we began our interviews, we did so with the underlying assumption that all our friends from college, or nearly all of them, were ambitious. When we began our interviews, we did so with the underlying assumption that all our friends from college, or nearly all of them, were ambitious. The woman with the fancy Chicago ad agency internship senior year, who was constantly rushing in and out of the sorority house in a suit, was surely an advertising VP, working out of an office overlooking Lake Michigan.

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