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President Donald Trump appears on stage at a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U.S. April 29, 2017. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri 6/8 left right A woman holds a sign as President Donald Trump leads a rally marking his first 100 days in office in Harrisburg. REUTERS/Carlos Barria 7/8 left right President Donald Trump leads a rally marking his first 100 days in office in Harrisburg. REUTERS/Carlos Barria 8/8 By Patrick Rucker | HARRISBURG, Pa. HARRISBURG, Pa. U.S. President Donald Trump hit the road on Saturday to celebrate his first 100 days in the White House with cheering supporters at a campaign-style rally, touting his initial achievements and lashing out at critics who have given his tenure poor marks. Trump told a Pennsylvania crowd he was just getting started on meeting his campaign promises.

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No, the people want Gucci and by God, they will have Gucci. Industry Moves Dior_Store_MWM.jpg Courtesy of @LVMH In more complicated fashion news, LVMH has announced its plans to almost, sort of, fully own Christian Dior after over 30 years of part ownership. The Arnault family will buy out minority shareholders for control over the haute couture line, men's and women's ready-to-wear, shoes, and leather. The company Christian Dior will still exist and still have stakes in capital and all sorts of other complicated business things, but honestly all you need to know is that LVMH, which already owns Berluti, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton now also has Dior, making it an even bigger power player on the luxury market than it already was. End of an Era J.Crew announced this week that Frank Muytjens, head of menswear design, would be leaving the company along with 250 of it's employees (oh, and Jenna Lyons). Clearly this brand is working on some major changes. Menswear folks are sad to see Muytjens goafter all, he's been helping swagless bankers have a little preppy pep for years, a style contribution that can't be overstated. This Week in Jonah Men's fashion/streetwear Twitter exploded Thursday morning when Palace released a new 60-second promo vid. Why? กระเป๋าสตางค์ผู้ชาย First, it seemed to announce the opening, next week, of the London skate brand's first NYC store. Second, Jonah Hill the unlikely menswear icon made a cameo in the vid.

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